November 26, 2019

Aistear-At the Cafe

Our Aistear topic for November was At the Cafe. We first explored one of our favourite books The Tiger who Came to Tea. We created menus and set up our own cafe. We all got to be in role as waiters, customers & chefs. We completed a survey of favourite foods and drinks from the cafe-baguettes were the favourite food and an equal amount of children liked all three drinks.

Next, we learned how to make a cup of tea and as a group we made a procedural writing poster to explain how to do it. We had great fun the day we actually made the tea and as a treat we got to have chocolate biscuits with it!


We then made healthy smoothies. We made a list of what we needed and everyone had to bring in something. We used berries, bananas, orange juice and yoghurt. They were yummy!