April 26, 2020

Pancake Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday Ms Fenton made pancakes for the class. We all brought in own toppings. We had been learning about Lent so this was a nice treat before it began.

Aistear Food & Fruity Friday

Some photos from our recent Aistear topic – Food. We held Fruity Friday as part of this topic and it was a huge success! Look at all the fabulous fruit we tried. We even tried lemons and limes! One of our favourite things to do was setting up our Healthy Eating Cafe which we still have in our classroom. Well done everyone!

Pancake morning

On Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes. Everyone contributed to the ingredients and we all brought in our own toppings. It was a lovely treat!

Aistear-At the Cafe

Our Aistear topic for November was At the Cafe. We first explored one of our favourite books The Tiger who Came to Tea. We created menus and set up our own cafe. We all got to be in role as waiters, customers & chefs. We completed a survey of favourite foods and drinks from the cafe-baguettes were the favourite food and an equal amount of children liked all three drinks.

Next, we learned how to make a cup of tea and as a group we made a procedural writing poster to explain how to do it. We had great fun the day we actually made the tea and as a treat we got to have chocolate biscuits with it!


We then made healthy smoothies. We made a list of what we needed and everyone had to bring in something. We used berries, bananas, orange juice and yoghurt. They were yummy!

Valentine’s Baking <3

For Valentine’s Day we made a Mars bar rice krispie cake. We used a heart cutter to cut out the cake. We wrapped them up and wrote a nice message on the tags. We then gave them to our Mums and Dads as a Valentine’s gift. There was some left over so we all got a little treat as well.


Here’s a few pictures of what we got up to coming up to the Easter break. We did an exciting Easter Egg Hunt and the Parents’ Association held an Easter Raffle. There were excellent prizes. We painted Easter Eggs and we baked some little nest like buns. It was great fun!

Spaghetti Bolognese

As part of our cookery lessons we cooked spaghetti bolognese this week. Everyone had to help out with all the different jobs-peeling the carrots, cutting the carrots, stirring the sauce, timing the pasta etc. Everyone really enjoyed eating the finished product too:)

Easter Baking!

Here are the photos of us baking our Easter nests. We used All Bran, cooking chocolate and mini eggs. Everyone had a job. We melted the chocolate and stirred in the All Bran. This looked like little twigs! We spooned the mixture into bun cases and put 2 eggs in each one. We left them on the table to set. When they were ready we each had one and then we got to bring 4 home. What a treat! 🙂

Teddy Bear’s Breakfast Morning!

As part of our Teddy Bear Week we made breakfast for our teddy bears. We learned from the story Goldilocks and The Three Bears that teddy bears love porridge… so that’s what we made them! We used oats and milk. They really enjoyed their breakfast morning and so did we! We also acted out the story of Goldilocks. It was so much fun 🙂

Pancake Party

To celebrate shrove Tuesday we had a Pancake Party in school. Our teacher make pancakes for us in school and we each brought in a healthy topping. Some of these toppings included lemon juice, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, grated apple, banana and cottage cheese. It was a great treat! 🙂