April 20, 2018

Raising our Green Flag

We had a wonderful day at school raising our Green Flag. Reverend John, Ms. Fenton and some children from the senior room all spoke to us about the Green Flag project. There was a special surprise at the end when an ice cream van drove into the school yard! It was a really lovely treat and everyone enjoyed their ice cream cones. Many thanks to everyone involved for your support and hard work.

Green School Award

We are delighted to share the news that our application for the International Green Flag award was successful. The Green Flag was presented to our school recently at the National Green Flag awards ceremony in Galway where representatives from the staff, children and PA received the award. Many thanks to the committee and staff for their tremendous work in this area. This a wonderful achievement for our school

Happy Harvest!

Today we harvested some of the vegetables we grew last Spring. We went out to our garden and everyone helped to pick them. There were carrots, turnips, onions, shallots, potatoes, beetroot and chillis. When we got back to the classroom we sorted them out and everyone got to bring some home. We can’t wait to hear what everyone did with theirs!

Tomato treat!

The tomatoes we planted last June have grown big and juicy. As a treat we had tomatoes and crackers after our lunch last week. Some people liked them and some didn’t. Our other vegetables are coming along nicely and we look forward to harvesting them in the next few weeks.

We Love Gardening!

These are some pictures of us doing gardening with Rev. George last week. We have planted so many vegetables. We cannot wait to harvest everything when we get back to school after the holidays! :)

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Incredible Edibles due to start again in April :)

Watch this space!! We are participating in Incredible Edibles again this year. After Easter we will be growing lettuce, carrot, potato, strawberries and turnip. Click here to go to the Incredible Edibles website where you can find more information :)

Happy Harvest!

This week we harvested the vegetables that we sowed last April. Everyone got to bring some home and we are going to make some carrot soup in school tomorrow. Here are some pictures of us picking the vegetables. The carrots were the most successful!

Incredible Edibles Update June 1st 2012

Check out the pictures below that show how well our potatoes, strawberries, carrots, turnip and lettuce are turning out!

Incredible Edibles Task 1 – The Growing Element

  • We planted our lettuce and turnip seeds. We put compost into bio degradable pots and we put the seeds on top. We then put a sprinkling on compost on top. At the moment we are hardening them off everyday before we put them in the raised bed. This means we leave them outside to get used to the cold weather. After a week we will plant them in the raised bed. We water them everyday.
  • We planted the strawberries and carrots into the raised bed. We water them everyday and we cover them with a cloche each night.
  • We planted the potatoes into the grow-bags. We water them everyday. They are starting to sprout!


Gardening Lesson 3

Today we planted radishes, marrow, pumpkin, tomato, rhubarb and melon. We put them into small boxes and put a code on them. R stands for radishes… can you guess the others?? They are now in the poly tunnel. When they have germinated we will transfer them to out of the boxes and into a section of the poly tunnel. We love gardening!