June 27, 2019

Green Flag Award

Well done to the Glebe NS on achieving their second Green Flag Award. The children celebrated with a great party!


Rectory Garden Visit

Take a look at our very recent visit to the Rectory Garden. We planted peas and french beans. We were also very pleased to see our potato crop doing so well.



The children were very busy this term enjoying special days such as Pancake Tuesday and World Book Day.  We visited the Rectory Garden in early February and planted strawberries and potatoes.  We also planted a variety of herbs and vegetables in the classroom.

Outdoors the children very much enjoyed their weekly tennis lessons.

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe Easter.


Christmas 2018

The Glebe NS held their annual Christmas Concert last Friday. It was called A Midwife Crisis. The children were wonderful and everyone was very proud of them. It was a great day and everyone had lots of fun.

The children had great fun preparing for Christmas and created some lovely artwork !

Wishing you all a very happy, safe and peaceful Christmas.


Green Flag Energy Project and Science Week

The children had great fun this month exploring the zoo and the animals that live there. They made great homes for the zoo animals from lego, wrote riddles and made lovely animal collages.

Everyone enjoyed Science Week and had great fun with the experiments.

We continue to work on our Green Flag Energy Project. We calculated the electricity bill for the year and compared it to other years. We worked out how much that would be per person in our school –    €3000 ÷ 20 = 150 each.

We went on a field trip to look at energy saving buildings . We saw triple glaze windows and solar panels on St. Catherine’s N.S.


Take a look at our recent visit to the Rectory Garden. We planted garlic and onions. We also harvested lovely ripe tomatoes!

Halloween was fun! The children dressed up in great costumes and had lots of fun with games and treats!



The children had a lot of fun exploring our Aistear themes of Toys and Autumn. They set up their own toy shop, brought in toys for ‘Show and Tell’ and made lovely paint prints using toys. We also went on a nature walk and made leaf animals from the autumn leaves.

The children from the Senior classes attended the Diocesan Schools Service in St. Mary’s Cathedral , Limerick.             They enjoyed joining with the other schools for this occasion.

Just last week the whole school went on a trip to the Town Hall Theatre in Galway to watch the Baboró show Black Beauty. Everyone had a great day.



Rectory Garden Project Day 3 – Harvesting


Welcome Back!

Junior Room School Tour

Here’s the pictures from the Junior Room School Tour to Loughwell Farm Park, Moycullen, June 7th 2018