July 15, 2024

Active Schools Week

To celebrate Active Schools Week we had a lovely visit from Sharon who works at the Coral Leisure Club today. Sharon took all the pupils for an extra PE class. The children were working on their fundamental movement skills and completed the lesson with some games and races. Overall the lesson was really enjoyable and we thank Sharon for the visit.

Write a Book Awards and Certificates

Well done to the children in the Junior room who took part in the Write a Book competition in early January this year. The children put a lot of work into their books and should be very proud of themselves. We certainly are!!

Aughrim Apple Juice

The children were treated to a very special batch of Aughrim apple juice last week as it had just arrived back in the village after being produced. It was lovely for the children to have the opportunity to taste test the apple juice as they helped to harvest the apple trees back in autumn that were used in the process. The apple juice tasted delicious and will be sold locally in the village.

No Idling Campaign – Green Schools

For the month of January the school has been working on a new Green Schools campaign. The children have been learning all about idling and the effects it has on the environment. Idling is a term to describe when your car engine is running but the car is not moving.

Idling has some serious impacts on the following;

Environment: When an engine is running, it emits carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. By switching off your engine when stopped, you stop these emissions too!

Health: Idling makes for worse air quality, which is bad for human health. Young people are at greater risk of the health impacts of air pollution because their lungs are still developing.

Money: Idling wastes fuel that you’re paying for – that just burns a hole in your pocket!

Safety: When cars and buses are idling outside a school, it is harder for students to hear cars that are actually moving, which might be hidden behind the idling cars.

During our lessons the children have been creating and colouring posters, typing up letters and leaflets to educate our families and the community about idling.

Green Schools Walk to School Week

Last week to celebrate Greens Schools National Walk to School Week the children met at the playground village each morning to walk some laps and up their steps before the school day began. On Tuesday morning, we had a lovely visit from Orla our Green Schools Officer who brought the children around on a investigation of the park. It was a great start of our Green Schools year and look forward to ‘Walk on Wednesdays’ once the spring arrives.

Buddy Stations

On Wednesday 14th June, the children spent time mixing with their peers in various stations for the afternoon. The stations included; art, i-pads, construction using polydrons & blocks, board games, lego & magnets. It was a great opportunity for the children to explore, create and have fun before the end of the school year.

National Bike Week Event

Wildflower Walk for National Biodiversity Week

Visit from Irish Hockey Olympian Naomi Carroll

Buddy Bench

As part of Wellbeing this year we decided to make some slight changes to our yard. The children and staff upcycled some furniture – an old wooden bench. The function of the Buddy Bench is to allow pupils to go there if they are feeling upset or would like to talk to someone. The Buddy Bench was designed and painted by the children themselves. We would like to thank those parents who kindly donated paint to the initiative.