July 15, 2024

No Idling Campaign – Green Schools

For the month of January the school has been working on a new Green Schools campaign. The children have been learning all about idling and the effects it has on the environment. Idling is a term to describe when your car engine is running but the car is not moving.

Idling has some serious impacts on the following;

Environment: When an engine is running, it emits carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. By switching off your engine when stopped, you stop these emissions too!

Health: Idling makes for worse air quality, which is bad for human health. Young people are at greater risk of the health impacts of air pollution because their lungs are still developing.

Money: Idling wastes fuel that you’re paying for – that just burns a hole in your pocket!

Safety: When cars and buses are idling outside a school, it is harder for students to hear cars that are actually moving, which might be hidden behind the idling cars.

During our lessons the children have been creating and colouring posters, typing up letters and leaflets to educate our families and the community about idling.