July 15, 2024

‘Walk to School’ Green School Week

‘Walk to School Week’ took place last week as part of the Green Schools programme and as walking to school is a little difficult for some of us here in The Glebe, we decided to put in place a number of activities instead during school to up our number of steps each day. In advance the Green Schools Committee gathered together and came up with ideas for the week ahead. On Monday the children walked all around the school yard and listened to some walking themed songs. On Tuesday the children went on a local walking tour of the village, as it tied in nicely with our geography lessons at the moment. We are learning about the local area and habitats, so we brought our i-pads and took photos of businesses, amenities, tourist attractions, nature etc. We then created a visual map of Aughrim for visual art. We also went to the Action Park on Wednesday and picked some blackberries. Then we went on an autumn walk on Thursday and to complete our week of activities the children walked to the local playground and got to enjoy using the facilities. We were happy with the extra exercise and hope to get out and about more often while at school this year.